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Freight charges apply to wire & staples only
Freight charges apply to rod posts & battens only
  Price     Price
A100 Longlife Wire,12.5 ga,2160' 80.00
  M048 48" SL Batten 4.00
A101 Soft Wire, 12.5 ga, 10# roll 22.00   M060 60" SL Batten 5.20
A103 Longlife Plus Wire, 12.5 ga,2160'


  M105 5' Superrod Post 8.60
A108 Longlife 14 Wire, 14.5 ga,2160'


  M106 6' Superrod Post 10.40
A109 Longlife Plus 14 Wire, 14.5 ga,2160' 69.00   M107 7' Superrod Post 12.00
A220 Superlife Spring 7.80   M200 48" LD Rod Post 2.30
A299 Small Tightener 1.70   M201 60" LD Rod Post 2.90
A300 Spring-clip Tightener 3.60   M451 HD Stand-off, 15"x1/2" 2.40
A411 Long Staples, 1.75", 50# box 109.00   H500 SL Batten & Tape Clip, Bg 50 7.00
A412 Handy Pack 1.75" Staples , 8# 20.00   M490 Small Rod Post Clip, Bg 25 8.80
A415 Short Staples, 1.75", 50# box 109.00   M513 SL Cotter Clip, Bg 100 9.00
A416 Handy Pack 1.25" Staples, 8# 20.00   M903 Nylon Drive Cap, 3/4" 12.00
A500 5" Brace Pins, zinc plated .52      
A501 10" Brace Pins, zinc plated .96      

Free shipping on these items

Free shipping on these items
C102 MAXIM M 2-20, 110v


  B100 Pliers, HD side cutter 45.00
C103 MAXIM M 3-30, 110v 219.00   B200 Spiked Wire Dispenser 68.00
C105 MAXIM M 5-50, 110v 309.00   B225 Folding Footed Wire Dispenser 139.00
C109 MAXIM M 9-90, 110v 469.00   B300 Wizard Wire Stretcher 89.00
C110 Mini Max, 110v plug-in 89.00   B301 Chain Wire Puller 59.00
C112 Portable B 6, two D cells 99.00   B400 Crimping Tool, 4 slot 69.00
C114 MATADOR, 12v battery 79.00   B401 Crimp Sleeves, MF2-3,Bottle 100 22.00
C115 Portable B 15, four D cells 169.00   B405 Long Crimp Sleeve, Bg 100 30.00
C117 MAXIM S 80 Solar 359.00   B415 MF3-4 Crimp Sleeve, btl 50 27.00
C337 T Post Brackets, S 80 9.60   B430 Nico Tap, FWT3-4 .40
C120 MAXIM B2-20, 12v 229.00   D401 Split Bolt Clamps, bag 10 12.00
C132 MAXIM Portable B200, 12V 189.00   D600 J-Hooks 2.80
C335 Solar Panel Kit, for B 2-20 249.00      
C200 MAXIM X100, 12v battery/110v plug-in 139.00      
C215 MAXIM X150, 12v battery/110v plug-in 165.00      
Freight charges on ground rods only
Free shipping on these items
C321 DVM, digital voltmeter 59.00   D610 Knife Switch 7.00
C324 Economy Fence Tester, 5 lights 14.00   D611 Swivel Switch 6.00
C325 Wireless Fence Tester 29.00   D620 3 Pole Switch, green knob 9.80
C328 Energy Limiter 19.00   D625 3 Pole Switch, black knob 9.80
C329 Fence Light 33.00   D800 MAX-FLEX Cattleguard Kit NA
D105 Deluxe Lightning Arrestor Kit 19.60   D810 MAX-FLEX Gate Catch 14.80
D200 Warning Sign, currently unavailable NA   D831 12-16' Spring Gate 18.00
D300 Ground Clamp 3.00   D833 16-24' Spring Gate handle 25.00
D301 Ground Rod, 8'x5/8", FOB 20.00   D837 Gate Activator 2.60
D302 Ground Rod, 6'x5/8", FOB 16.00   D841 Rubr'Gate Handle 3.40
D304 Fast Fence Ground Rod,48"x1/2", FOB 9.00   D843 Red Gate Handle 4.00
Free shipping on all insulators
Free shipping on these items
N101 Black WOR, Bag 50 16.80   N299 Short Tubing, 50' 14.00
N103 Super Fin Tubes, Bag 200 19.00   N300 Long Tubing, 100' 25.00
N106 Pinlock Wood Post Ins., Bg 25 10.00   N305 Short Superlife Cable, 50' 24.00
N108 PTI, Pinlock T Post Ins., Bg 50 24.00   N315 Medium Superlife Cable, 150' 72.00
N111 Universal LD T Post Ins., Bg 25 5.4   N330 Long Superlife Cable, 300' 144.00
N198 SRI, Screw-in Ring Ins., Bg 25 7.60   M451 HD Stand-off, 15"x1/2" 2.40
N202 22" Super Tubes, bag 10 13.00   M513 SL Cotter Clips, bg 100 9.00
N205 Black "S" .60   M903 Nylon Drive Cap, 3/4" 12.00
      H500 SL Batten & Tape Clips, bg 50 7.00

Click on blue category links for detailed product descriptions.
Free shipping for nets, $18-25 shipping for post kits
Free shipping on these items except F899 & F900
F601 Standard 34" Sheep Net, 165'
  F352 Super Rope SS, 660' 69.00
F603 Countryside 34" Sheep Net, 165'
  F354 Super Rope SS, 1320' 136.00
F604 Standard 42" Goat Net, 165'
  F356 Super Rope Rings, Bag 100 6.00
F608 Countryside 42" Net, 165'
  F357 Rope Ring Pliers 16.00
F619 Dry Country 42" Net, 165'
  F360 Rope Connector 1.00
F623 Universal 42" Net, B&W 165'
  F370 Horse Tape, 660' 69.00
F632 Garden/Lamb Net, Green 34"x165'
  F820 HTS Strain Insulator 1.39
F641 Hi Security & Poultry Net, 44"x165'
  F821 End Buckle HTS Insulator 4.50
F643 Green HS/Poultry Net
  F822 Corner Buckle HTS Insulator 4.70
F644 Backyard Poultry Net, Green, 44"x82'
  F823 Double Buckle HTS 4.50
F684 4' Post Kit, use with 34" Nets only, plus shipping 36.00   F830 HTL Line Insulator .39
F685 5' Post Kit, use with all Nets, plus shipping 64.00   F840 HT Buckle 2.40
F690 Ground Pins, bg 13 9.00   F850 HT Gate Parts, needs F821 9.00
F695 Net Ending Kit 7.00   F899 Fast Fence Trail Kit, no energizer 155.00
Specify in "Comments" block the style of Gate Net wanted if different than Nets ordered above.   F900 Fast Fence Trail Kit with energizer 265.00
F7__ Short Gate Net, 39" long 21.00      
F7__ Long Gate Net, 13' long 30.00      
Free shipping on all tape & strand
Freight charges apply except A133 & A134
F415 Orange HD Hot Strand, 1650' 35.00   A130 Hot Supercote Wire, 1000' 207.00
F435 White HD Hot Strand, 1650' 35.00   A133 Supercote 4" Tubes, Bag 100 11.60
F440 Green Hot Strand, 660' 18.00   A134 Supercote Tubing, 100' 18.00
F454 Orange HD Hot Tape, 1320' 48.00   A135 White Supercote Wire, 1000' 187.00
F462 White HD Hot Tape, 660' 25.00   A137 Black Supercote Wire, 1000' 187.00
F464 White HD Hot Tape, 1320' 48.00      
Free shipping on these items except D304 FOB unless with posts or nets
Freight charges apply
F120 Standard Reel 49.00   A09H HT Field Fnc, 9/39/6x330', FOB 190.00
F360 Rope Connector 1.00   A190 HT Barbed Wire, 15.5/2/4/5x1320', FOB 58.00
F520 Ring Insulator Chuck for N198 SRI 5.00      
F540 Quick Step .20  
TOTAL (before sales tax & freight, if applicable):
F560 Fast Fence Buckle, bg 10 2.80  
F570 Fast Fence Spring 1.90  
Thank you for your order - we appreciate
your business!
F580 Fast Fence Tightener 1.00  
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
F590 Fast Fence Warning Sign 3.60  
F596 Portable Lead Set 17.00    
F690 Ground Pins, bag 13 9.00    
D304 FF Ground Rod, 48"x1/2" 9.00

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