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MAX-FLEX High Tensile Fence
Eight Or Ten Strand Smooth Wire Fence

Eight or ten strand high tensile smooth wire* fences are best for working pens and corrals, feedlots, farm boundaries, around homesteads or wherever electric fence is not preferred because they need not be electrified to control cattle, horses, sheep, or goats.

The fourth and top wires are often insulated to control difficult livestock or to carry power to other electric fences. The second wire from the ground (and maybe the first one) can also be electrified to repel predators and to hold sheep or hogs in eight wire fences.
eight strand high tensile fence for cattle, sheep, & goats

The Eight Or Ten Strand Style
Does Not Need To Be Electrified But May Be
To Control Bulls And Predators

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3 strand electric cattle fence in Indiana Intensive Grazing Paddocks On Angus Operation

High Tensile Electric Fence

Three or more strands of high tensile wire* are recommended for lots, calves, weaning, and hard to hold cattle. Two strands are perfect for grazing boundaries and cross fencing. This very economical fence replaces barbed wire fence making it ideal for cattle or horse fences. Several miles of fence overgrown with weeds and grass can be powered by one high powered fence energizer. See how to choose a fence energizer.

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5 strand electric fence for cattle, sheep & goats


MAXIM™ Energizers
easily power fence through weeds and grass.

Five or six strand electric fence controls all classes of domestic livestock and most of their predators and some exotic animals, such as alpacas, replacing woven wire fences at about half the cost. All wires are normally charged, but under very dry, very frozen, or very sandy conditions, the second and fourth strands may need to be grounded. Miles of this fence can be operated with a very high powered energizer without having to control vegetation (no more spraying or string trimming fence lines).

Excellent for holding sheep and goats and repelling dogs.

MAX-FLEX™ Electric Cattleguard

MAX-FLEX™ Electric Cattleguard (photo on right) can be installed in less than an hour easily.

It has been in operation on many farms across the country since 1982 with all types of livestock.

Max-Flex electric cattleguard
Fence Reinforcement

Super Rope offset with a wood post insulator


fiberglass offset bracket on Supercote fence


One strand of spring loaded high tensile wire installed with fiberglass Stand-offs or insulated wire bracket Offsets is used to keep livestock off existing fences making them last longer and control animals better. Offset wires are also used for feeding power to other fences and for repelling predators. Installing Stand-offs (with Cotter Clips) every 50 feet is the strongest low cost way to mount electric fences on existing fences or trees.


For complete information and specifications, Request Literature.

* High tensile smooth wire is a springy galvanized steel wire that is very strong, stays really tight when installed correctly, and lasts longer.

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