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SUPERLIFE™ Fence Products Available Only From MAX-FLEX

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SUPERLIFE™ High Tensile Fence Wire

Superlife™ Wire coating lasts three to five times longer in corrosive salt and chemical sprays (similar to herbicides, pesticides, etc.). The Superlife™ coating is more flexible and does not crack or break when the wire is tied.


SUPERCOTE™ Fence Wire For Horses

Supercote Wire is 12 1/2 gage high tensile wire covered with a very visible white plastic coating that is bonded to the wire. This thicker more visible wire is much safer for horses.


MAX-FLEX Superlife™ Barbed Fence Staples

These 8 gauge Superlife fence staples have the same advanced coating of Superlife high tensile fence wire so that they will not rust prematurely. The barbs keep the staples from coming out easily, especially in pine posts.



MAX-FLEX Superlife™ Fence Springs

Electric high tensile fences work better when the wires are kept tight and MAX-FLEX™ springs keep fence tight better than any other springs. MAX-FLEX™ springs also have much stronger high tensile drawbars and are made from heavily coated pre-galvanized wire.


MAX-FLEX™ Superlife Insulators

MAX-FLEX has top quality wood post insulators and tube insulating products. In all cases, the dimensions were pushed to the limits to get thicker walls, thickness where it counts, where the fence wire is insulated from staples and posts. Wood post insulators are made from special extra long life material.

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