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Electric Fence For Deer & Wildlife Control

MAX-FLEX™ permanent electric fence of high tensile smooth wire* is used to protect orchards, vineyards, gardens and nurseries, many other crops, and even valuable landscaping.

electric deer fence of high tensile wire protecting Christmas trees


high tensile wire veneyard fence

Six strand fence that is five feet tall has proven successful in most situations if it is built and maintained correctly. Wire and post spacings must be correct and the wires must be tight and well electrified at all times.


MAX-FLEX™ six wire electric fence protecting Christmas trees.

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electric deer fence from high tensile wire with one Super Rope strand on top

Electric deer fence
is an all purpose fence because it also controls most types of domestic livestock. The addition of a low wire at four or five inches off the ground will also control dogs and most smaller wildlife like raccoons, etc.

Bright white Super Rope™* or Supercote wire* and white fiberglass Superrod™ Posts and Superlife™ Deer Battens* improve fence visibility and are used to increase the distance between wooden posts.

wildlife fence testimonial

  High Tensile Woven Wire Deer and Game Fence is also used to control wild deer wherever electric fence is not preferred and when worry free low maintenance is important.

Portable electric
is quick and easy to install with fiberglass posts and simple tools. No heavy work, expensive tools, or long hours are needed. Deer damage has been controlled temporarily with as few as one or two strands of
electrified Hot Tape™*.

However, long term success is rarely achieved with less than four, five, or six strands. The heavier the deer pressure, the larger the enclosure, and the further it is from human habitation, the higher the fence should be and the more strands there should be.

Hot Tape fence to protect a truck garden from deer.

Deer Protection For A Large Garden With Six Lines Of Hot Tape On Superrod Posts. The 6th strand is hidden in the grass and still "hot".


For small animal control only (e.g., raccoons, woodchucks, etc.), one or two lines of electrified tape or wire can be used effectively.

However, do not expect to control rabbits well with this type of fence (use fine mesh electric netting instead). All wildlife fences perform better if animals are trained by baiting the wires (by hanging aluminum foil ribbons from them with an attractive food or odor like peanut butter). This is especially important for wildlife.

For this style of garden fence, use M451 short posts (15"x ½") every 10 to 15 feet (or as necessary to follow the contour of the ground) so that the clip holes will be 4 to 6 inches above ground.


FAST FENCE™ Accessories more information

Hot Tape garden fence

Install strand, tape, or wire using H500 Batten & Tape Clips for tapes or M513 Cotter Clips for other wires. For more information, request the Garden Fence Construction fact sheet (FS#20).

* High tensile smooth wire is a springy galvanized steel wire that is very strong, and stays really tight when installed correctly.
* Supercote is a larger diameter (0.2 in, 5mm) plastic coated high tensile wire. It increases fence visibility, is very strong, and is much less likely to cut animals. An electrifiable version called Hot Supercote Wire is also available.
* Super Rope is a large diameter plastic cord (0.2 in, 5mm) with special wire conductors. Easy to install & increases fence visibility.
* Hot Tape is an electro-plastic tape (0.5 in or 12 mm wide) with stainless steel conductors that has good visibility and is lightweight and portable.

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