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Which Type Of Fence?*
  eight strand high tensile wire non electric fence   High Tensile Smooth Wire Fence

Controls all livestock and most predators - Eight or ten strands need not be electrified. For electric fence, two or more strands are effective for cattle and horses, five strands are normally used for goats, sheep, predators, etc., and one electric wire can be used to reinforce existing fences. These electric or non electric high tensile smooth wire fences can be the most versatile and secure farm and ranch fences.

  coated high tensile wire horse fence   Electric Fence & Non-electric Fence For Horses
    Lowers costs for permanent horse fence - Three to five strands of electric high tensile smooth wire are used for lowest cost and four or more strands of Supercote™ plastic coated wire are used for safe horse fence with or without electric. Wider white Supercote wire horse fence is more visible and less likely to injure horses than uncoated wire but is more permanent and secure than tape horse fence.
  Horse tape horse fence on fiberglass posts   Super Rope & Wide Tape Fence For Horses
    Reduces costs and installation time to a minimum - These semi-permanent and lighter weight electric fences are much lower cost than vinyl or wood board fence and very much easier to install. Super Rope and Horse Tape make safe fence for horses compared to uncoated wire, barbed wire, etc. Fiberglass posts increase visibility and make fence installation easy.
  Trail ride kit portable horse fence   FAST FENCE™ Portable Trail Ride Kit
    Makes temporary horse paddocks easy to set up - The complete kit fits into a zippered bag that is compact and convenient to pack. It is available with a battery powered fence charger that uses only two D cells or without a fence energizer if you prefer to use your own charger or another model MAXIM fence charger.
  high tensile wire electric deer fence   Electric Fence For Deer & Wildlife Control
    Protects gardens, and other crops from wildlife damage - Six strands of electric high tensile wire are used to control wild deer and fewer wires are used for other wildlife. Portable FAST FENCE™ strand and tape are very easy and quick to install and can control most kinds of wildlife. Portable MAXIM solar and battery powered fence chargers or energizers are available. See links below.
  FAST FENCE electric net fence for sheep   FAST FENCE™ Electric Netting
    Controls sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, dogs, and wildlife - FAST FENCE™ portable electrified netting is available in standard mesh net or fine mesh net, various heights, and a few colors and installs easily. Lower cost "packages" are available including electric fence energizers or chargers and some accessories. Also visit for sheep fence, poultry fence, dog pens, etc.
  Hot Strand portable electric fence for dairy cattle   Portable Strand & Tape Electric Fence Systems
    Installs easily for temporary livestock & wildlife control - FAST FENCE™ Hot Tape and Hot Strand are used with fiberglass or tread-in posts to make temporary, portable, and semi-permanent electric fences for all kinds of livestock and wildlife control but especially for portable beef or dairy cattle and horse fence. Portable MAXIM electric fence energizers, chargers, or controllers are also available.
  high tensile woven wire field fence   High Tensile Woven Wire Field Fence
    Lasts longer, stays tighter, and looks better - than conventional woven wire products. Class 3 galvanized high tensile wire for cattle, sheep, horses, deer, game, and exotic animals. Heavily galvanized barbed fence staples hold better and last longer in treated pine posts. These fences can be reinforced with electric high tensile smooth wire offset on brackets or stand-offs to deter horses and cattle from rubbing or pushing on fences.

*Worried about electric fence?

Electric fence produces a startling but harmless shock if it is installed and maintained correctly. However, animals need to be trained to respect it before they are left unattended. Also, very young children, the very elderly, and unhealthy persons should be kept away from electric fence and their attachments at all times.

MAXIM™ Energizers Are "Guaranteed To Go The Distance"

Maxim M 5-50 plug in fence charger
  MAXIM Line Operated Fence Energizers - Page 1
Powerful plug-in 110 volt fence chargers - four low impedance high output models from which to choose that operate electric fence covered in vegetation.
Battery Operated & Solar Energizers - Page 2
Battery and solar powered fence chargers - four portable and powerful models from which to choose. Some will also operate electric fence covered with weeds & grass.
  Max-Flex electric cattleguard kit with spring gate   MAX-FLEX™ Electric Cattleguard
    Controls cattle, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and dogs - The very low cost MAX-FLEX™ Cattleguard can be installed in less than an hour to any width desired. MAX-FLEX™ electric cattleguards have been in operation on many farms across the country since 1982. High powered MAXIM™ electric fence energizers, chargers, or controllers will power right through weeds and grass.

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