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Portable Electric Fence


  It’s Fast, It’s Easy, It’s Simple
Hot Tape and Hot Strand™* systems are used for portable and temporary electric fence to control all kinds of livestock and many kinds of wildlife. Installation of polywire is fast and easy with fiberglass posts and simple tools. No heavy work, expensive tools, or long hours are needed.

One or two lines of tape or strand are normally used for cattle and horse fences. Three or four strands are used successfully for sheep fence at lower cost than electric net, but FAST FENCE Electric Nets do control sheep and goats much better and do provide predator protection.

Portable electric Hot Strand fence for cattle

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Fast Fence Hot Tape garden fence & deer fence

Gardens are protected from damage by small animals like raccoons, possums, and woodchucks with one or two strands mounted on Short Posts and from damage by deer with up to six strands mounted on posts up to five feet (1.5 m) or more high. See Deer & Wildlife Control.

FAST FENCE™ Specifications
wire & post spacings

Choosing Wire & Post Types

Hot Strand™* polywire costs less than Hot Tape* and should be used except when new stock are brought in frequently, or when the fence is moved often and there are many deer around, or for horses. Then Hot Tape electric fence is better because it is more visible, animals self train more easily, and they are less likely to run through it.


Hot Strand portable cattle fence

Portable electriic fencing is convenient and easy to use. Mob stocking and frequent pasture rotation can double grass prduction, eliminate most weeds, and increase farm and ranch profits.

Color is a matter of personal choice. Tests have shown little real difference in performance. However, the kind of wires does make a difference because voltage drops rapidly on long runs of fine stainless steel wire.
FAST FENCE™ products use fewer but larger diameter wires for better conductivity.
  Fast Fence tape and strand

Hot Tape -
Orange or White

Hot Strand - Orange, White
or Green

Super Rope - White

Fast Fence portable fencing diagram
Fiberglass Posts

posts with Sun-Cote™ will stay smooth and easy to handle for many years without the “bloom” of fiberglass splinters common with other posts. Superrod™ posts are used for corners and Light Duty Rods are used for line posts except in five or six wire deer fence where stronger wood posts may be needed for corners and Superrods are used for all line posts.

A special Trail Ride Kit is available with everything needed for portable and temporary paddocks or corrals.

* Hot Strand is a one tenth inch (2.5mm) diameter plastic polywire cord with special wire conductors.
It is lightweight, easy to install, increases fence visibility, and is electrified.

* Hot Tape is a half inch wide (12mm) version of electro-plastic polytape that has good visibility and is lightweight and portable.

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