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Horse Fences ... continued


4 strand Super Rope equine fence

Super Rope™ horse fence on
Superrod™ Fiberglass Posts using Cotter Clips


Semi-Permanent Super Rope™ and
Wide Tape FAST FENCE™ For Horses

Super Rope™* or Horse Tape™* electric fences are used for subdivision and cross fencing. Two to five strands may be used with fiberglass Superrod™ Posts depending on conditions and personal preference. Thicker stainless steel and tinned copper wires make Super Rope™ and Horse Tape™ more conductive than other brands so they will carry higher voltages for longer distances of electric fence.

FAST FENCE™ Specifications.....
wire & post spacings............


The Popular New Product For Horse Fence

Super Rope™ electric fences are easy to build and lower cost than wide tape fences because the rope and the insulators cost less and post spacings can be up to thirty feet, for half the posting cost of wide tapes. It is easiest to build, attractive, and visible to horses when installed on white Superrod™ Fiberglass Posts. Superrod™ Posts are a high quality specially coated (against UV light) solid fiberglass rod which save the cost of insulators when used with easy to apply Cotter Clips.

Super Rope horse fence
Detailed Information on
Super Rope™ & Accessories
Cotter clip

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For The Classic Look

Horse Tape™ fences are faster to build and much lower cost than vinyl or board fences.

Two strand Horse Tape horse fence


2 strand Horse Tape fence with tape clip inset

Horse Tape™ electric fences are attractive, easy to build, and very visible to horses when installed on Superrod™ Posts, spaced up to 15 feet apart, with easy to use Tape Clips.


A variety of special accessories are available for Horse Tape™. HTS, Horse Tape Strain insulators are used at ends and corners on stronger wooden posts. They are also available with End Buckles (bottom left), Corner Buckles, and Double Buckles for tensioning Horse Tape™ at ends, corners, and anywhere along a fence line. HTL, Horse Tape Line insulators are used for wooden line posts (see insert at right). HT Buckles (bottom right) are for splicing Horse Tape™.

  equine fence made of electrified Horse Tape
  end buckle insulator for Horse Tape


Horse fence accessories - buckle


Electric FAST FENCEFor Horses

One or two lines of standard 1/2" tape are normally used for horses with a variety of lightweight posts, spaced 20 to 40 feet apart, for portable fence. FAST FENCE™ Springs and Tighteners are available to make electric fences that stay tight, are more effective, and are better in appearance.

A special Trail Ride Kit
is available with everything needed for portable and temporary horse paddocks or corrals.
to download Horse Fence Brochure.

* Super Rope is a large diameter plastic cord (0.2 in, 5 mm) with special wire conductors. It is easy to install and increases fence visibility.

* Horse Tape is a wide version of plastic tape (1.5 in or 40 mm) with wire conductors for more visibility and an appearance similar to board fence.
* Hot Tape is a narrow version of electro-plastic tape (0.5 in or 12 mm) that has good visibility and is lightweight and portable.

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