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  Fencing For Horses

Permanent Electric Horse Fence

Three to five strands of high tensile wire* (including one or two of electrified Super Rope™*) make an effective equine fence. Super Rope™, a large diameter white polywire, and white fiberglass Superrod™ Posts and Superlife™ Battens improve visibility so that a fence is safer for horses. Heavy duty insulators that can be used with high tensile wire or Super Rope™ are available for wood line posts and for corner posts in either white or black colors.

To improve visibility even more, posts are placed closer together in electric fence for horses. For more secure boundary fences, six strands (including one or two of Super Rope™) may be installed with even closer post spacing.

Energy Limiters are used to reduce the shock on an electric horse fence.


High tensile electric horse fence with top strand of Super Rope

Super Rope™ and Superlife™ Fiberglass Battens improve the visibility and safety of this six strand high tensile wire fence for horses.

Information & photos of the MAX-FLEX Electric Cattleguard, which has been in use across the country since 1982.

  High tensile wire fence with 2 Supercote wires  

White Supercote™ Wire

White Supercote™ Wire is 12 1/2 gage high tensile heavily galvanized steel wire covered with a thick coating of white plastic that is bonded to the wire. Adding one or two lines of Supercote™ wire to high tensile wire fences increases visibility and safety.

The fence in the photo on the left is a seven wire high tensile fence with two Supercote™ wires.


Many combinations of Supercote™ High Tensile Wire and other types of wires or strands are used according to individual preference.

The four strands of Supercote™ on the right have a single line of electrified Super Rope on top to help keep animals away from the fence. Hot Supercote that can be electrified is also available.

While it is possible for horses to be injured by almost any kind of fence, a younger horse did crash into a five strand Supercote™ Wire fence on this race horse breeding farm (photo below) without injury while racing with another animal in an adjacent paddock.

Supercote coated high tensile wire fence for horses
  Supercote horse fence in Indiana  

Permanent Non-Electric Fence

Supercote™ wire is ideal for permanent, long lasting and attractive non-electric fencing for horses. Supercote™ is available in 1000' rolls weighing 55# each.

Left photo: Supercote™ wire fence on A Race Horse Breeding Farm in Indiana


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Not only is Supercote™ Wire more visible and safer for horses than other forms of wire, but it can be installed with the same tools, hardware, and methods as uncoated high tensile smooth wire. The same barbed staples, wire tighteners, fence springs, crimping sleeves, and even knots can be used. The tightener and spring sets can be covered with pvc pipe boxes to avoid sharp edges and to improve appearance.

  Supercote wire fence with springs & tighteners in pvc boxes
  Trail Ride Kit corral  

FAST FENCE™ Trail Ride Kit

A special Trail Ride Kit (photo on left) is available with everything needed for portable and temporary paddocks or corrals. The kit includes posts, a portable fence charger, Hot Tape*, and accessories in a sturdy canvas tote bag that can be attached across a saddle. Click the link above for more information on the Trail Ride Kit. The Trail Kit is also great for other temporary and portable fence needs, for example, around gardens, silage piles, hay bales or anywhere really "fast fence" is needed.

To Semi-Permanent FAST FENCE Super Rope™ and Horse Tape

REQUEST LITERATURE to download Horse Fence Brochure.

* High tensile smooth wire is a springy galvanized steel wire that is very strong, stays really tight when installed correctly, and lasts longer.

* Super Rope is a large diameter plastic cord (0.2 in, 5 mm) with special wire conductors. It is easy to install and increases fence visibility.

* Hot Tape is a half inch wide (12mm) version of electro-plastic polytape that has good visibility and is lightweight and portable.

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